Syndicated Radio Shows

In addition to broadcasting across Sussex on the More Radio Network, Dave also presents two syndicated radio shows, which are available to broadcast.

Retro Hits:

logo PNG2ndRetro Hits is an upbeat weekly 2 hour show, full of musical memories, playing superb hits from 2 fantastic decades the 70’s & 80s.

The 70’s & 80’s were the decades of big hair, shoulder pads, bright clothes, and great music! Retro Hits is a musical journey. Why not add it to your radio station’s weekly schedule.

Retro Hits Sampler:


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Club Life:

Club Life is a weekly 2 hour dance music show. Club Life Logo

Playing the biggest and best club tunes from the late 80’s, 90’s and the naughties, that filled the biggest dance floors worldwide.

Club Life is full of musical memories and nostalgia reminding you of your past clubbin’ days.

From the early days of “Chicago House”, “Dance”, “Garage” and “Trance”. Dave Adams Club Life Show really is all about the classic dance tunes!

Club Life Sampler:


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