Christmas Retro Hits Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

By downloading and broadcasting the Christmas Retro Hits Show, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated below:

1. Chritmas Retro Hits is a pre-recorded one off syndicated show. It is available to broadcast for paying clients only.
2. The show may only be broadcast on a SINGLE/INDIVIDUAL radio station, who broadcast on either FM, AM, DAB or stream via the internet, or other mobile apps. You agree and confirm that your radio station falls into these categories. (See clause 3).
3. Unless previously agreed in writing, Christmas Retro Hits may NOT be broadcast either simultaneously or at separate times, on more than one radio station belonging to the same company and/or individual person. Multi-station broadcasting is subject to a separate agreement.
4. All clients agree not to change or alter any element of the pre-recorded show whatsoever. You may include your own adbreaks, these should be placed at the end of each 18 minute show segment. You may also air your own station id’s in conjunction with the Retro Hits id’s.
5. Clients may arrange their own sponsorship for the Retro Hits Show.
6. All Clients agree and confirm that your radio station is fully licensed with PPL and PRS to broadcast and/or stream music. You also understand that you are fully responsible for all music track logging & reporting. You also fully understand, that you are solely responsible for all PPL & PRS licence fee payments.
7. Clients agree and confirm that if your radio station broadcasts on an FM or AM frequency, or DAB that you are fully licensed with Ofcom, or equivalent authorities in your country.
8. You agree not to forward or pass on the Retro Hits Show to any other radio station, organisation or individual.
9. You agree to keep your members area login information secure, and not pass on your login details to any other radio station, organisation or individual.
10. You fully understand that the downloaded show may only be broadcast from the 1st December until the 31st December, in the year of which you purchased the show. If the Show is broadcast out of period, It will be chargeable.
11. You fully understand that the show cannot be rebroadcast in future years, free of charge.
12. No full or part refund on any paid fee will be given, if you do not broadcast the show, or for any other reason.
13. You fully understand that Dave Adams will not be liable for any refund, in part or full for server failure, or any other reason whatsoever.
14. You agree to only use images that are made available in the members download area, for all print and online marketing of Dave Adams and the Retro Hits Show.
15. You understand that these terms & conditions may be changed at anytime, and will be available to read at